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In News on November 27, 2010 at 7:24 pm

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If you have seized websites IP address or new website,  please send by commenting on this post.

  1. Sumner Redstone, Chairman of the Board over Viacom and CBS, part of his Giant Media Conglomerate, has been appearing all over the Media Condemning Online Piracy.

    Viacom was Publicly one of the Key Champions of the Bill now in use to Seize Websites. (Search on Google)

    Yet the CNET Division of CBS ( Sumner is Chairman of the Board and OWNER of CNET) Was pumping out a HALF BILLION COPIES of P2P Filing Sharing Software downloads from Sumner Redstone’s OWN Servers! Vetted by HIS STAFF, Openly Promoted for copyright infringing uses.

    The Key Elements,

    I have posted documented proof that the Giant Media Company CBS/Cnet was the main distribution Hub for a great deal of the File Sharing Software distributed on the Internet. Why are they not shut down yet?

    My Screen Caps and Research show that the CNET division of CBS Corporation;

    • The Cnet Division of CBS/Viacom Distributed Software directly from Servers within their Corporation

    • CNET Produced substantial amounts of Articles encouraging readers to download and use the software to Pirate Copyrighted Media.

    • CNET offered for sale “Pro” Type versions of the well known P2P Copyright infringing Software. How Much Income was derived from THAT?

    • Software such as Limewire, Bit-Torrent, Kazaa and Morpheus were absolutely hosted on CNET’s Servers after having been evaluated by Cnet’s staff. Often as the Exclusive Official Download Source.

    • Cnet created many Editorial Articles comparing the Effectiveness of the various P2P software systems to download copyrighted songs and movies for free. Cnet offered frequent comparison tests with actual well known song titles. CNET Editors encouraged readers to Download the Software AND Use it for Piracy Purposes. Why were they not shut down yet?

    • Cnet created instructional videos demonstrating the use of the Software to download Known Copyrighted Materials.

    • My Screen Caps of the Homepages of Limewire, Kazaa, Morpheus and many others showing the CNET Download Link Button.

    • CNET distributed AT LEAST 500 Million Copies of Software to be used for P2P File Sharing Piracy.

    In its June 2005 ruling in MGM v. Grokster, 125 S.Ct. 2764 (2005), the Supreme Court announced a new form of secondary liability, which it described this way:

    “One who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties.”

    • Cnet evaluated the “Devices” ( Evidence on Blog of Pre-Screening ALL Software.) The Software for Limewire, Kazaa and many others were hosted almost exclusively on CNET’s Servers! As evidenced by the embedded CNET Buttons on the Home Page Screen Caps of LimeWire, Kazaa, Bear Share, Morpheus, Grokster, etc. Cnet was the “Distributor”.

    • CNET Editorial Copy Admitting that the software is used Primarily for Copyright Infringing Activities.

    • Cnet actively PROMOTED the use of these devices to infringe copyright. Through published comparison testing of the Software demonstrating it’s Piracy Abilities by download Copyrighted Songs and Movies.

    • When the Federal Courts shut down Napster, CNET ( ZDnet and CNET are one and the same) Published AND Distributed “Napigator” with Tutorials on how to continue downloading from the Napster System specifically to circumvent a Federal Court Ruling. That exhibited an affirmative step to Foster Infringement.

    • When Colleges blocked Napster File Sharing, CNET offered a way to get past the college blocks to keep receiving the copyrighted music ( Reported in Screen Caps On the Blog) This is another affirmative step to foster infringement.

    • CNET offered Downloads of ZapShares which was promoted in Both Editorial Reviews AND an Instructional video to specifically cover your piracy tracks.

    • CNET Have offered and Encouraged theft of YouTube Videos to this DAY! CNET has promoted from it’s own Servers and Editor Reviews Software to steal videos from YouTube.

    • When Judges ruled that Napster MUST Ban users distributing Copyrighted Material. CNET Published advice on how to get right back on.

  2. Apparently, was seized. They’re still reachable at My attempt at doing a “nslookup” on wikileaks reveals “DNS Request timed out”.

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