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Net Neutrality Betrayal

In News on December 3, 2010 at 7:22 pm

Julius Genachowski sells out

After more than a year of waffling on Net Neutrality, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski just announced plans to issue weak regulations that give just about everything to giant phone and cable companies, and leave Internet users with almost nothing.

Genachowski calls his plan Net Neutrality. But it’s fake. It doesn’t live up to President Obama’s pledge to create lasting and enforceable Net Neutrality protections or to Genachowski’s own promises to deliver for the president.

This is a huge betrayal. But we still have time to fix Genachowski’s toothless rule before it goes to a vote on Dec. 21.  Click here to automatically send the letter below to the FCC:  “Accept Nothing Less than Real Net Neutrality.”

  1. You are right about “Net Neutrality” being bad, but for all the wrong reasons. Goobermint control is like the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. Oh well, you Commie Libs are going to get it just as bad when Obama lowers the boom.

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